Fees Not insured

( As suggested by FMOQ )

Reports and non-insured services

(excluding the exam)
Certificate required by an employer or for administrative purposes State of health Fees
State of health $20 to $25
Absence from work or school $20 to $25
Return to work $20 to $25
Medical report on printed form Fees
Disability insurance $65 to $125
Unemployment insurance $35
RRQ (Quebec Pension Board) $125 to $255
SAAQ Reports (Depending on complexity, an hourly rate may be substituted for the suggested fees) Fees
Driver’s licence $50 to $125
Initial medical report $40
Medical evaluation report $125
Medical report of evolution $125
Medical report of sequelae $75 to $125
Other reports $20 plus hourly rate
Services Fees
Completion of form for drugs of exception* $30
Missed appointment $30
Telephone consultation $25
Prescription renewal without medical visit $20

Administrative services

Services Fees
Photocopies, first page** $10
Additional pages $0,50/page
Fax $20
Long distance calls $5 plus cost
Courrier services $25 plus cost
Résumé of patient file hourly rate

Non-insured medical service

(including consultation or examination of a non-resident patient, a pre-employment exam or an exam performed for an insurer)
as well as services related to such services
Services Fees
Fees for exam $70 to $230
Non-insured therapeutic or diagnostic service (wound repair, reduction, immobilisation) $70 to $265
Evaluation of patient’s fitness to drive a motor vehicle $120 to $165
Exam for camp, sports club, school, university $100
Insurance company (exam to assess eligibility) $200
Pre-employment exam or in course of employment $200
Drawing blood $30 to $60
Transportation of biological specimens $20

Incidental fees

(fixed by regulation)
Fees for transportation of biological samples Fees
without a blood sample up to $5
with a blood sample up to $15

Hourly rate

(prior agreement required)
Services Fees
Medico-administrative activities $255
Medico-legal activities $400
Expertise $450


*The ministry and RAMQ are of the opinion that no fee can be charged to complete this form when required by the RAMQ or by a private insurer.

**This rate applies when making the copies involves pulling the chart and includes the cost of transmitting the copies by mail when necessary. When the chart does not have to be pulled and the transmission is not by mail, the rate for additional pages applies from the first page.

The patient who believes that the amounts billed after December 6th, 2015 are for services insured under the Health Insurance Act can, within five years of payment, make a written claim for reimbursement to the Regie de l’assurance maladie du Québec. When it is of the opinion that the amounts billed are not allowed, the Régie reimburses the patient and recovers the same amount from the involved professional or third party.
February 8, 2017